Tracy Anello, LLC

Tracy Anello has been providing leadership to Fortune 500 companies since 1986 focusing on Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Training and Leadership Development, Sales Coaching, Marketing Operations, Service Delivery and Executive Presentation Skills. In late 2008, Tracy started her own consulting company - Tracy Anello, LLC, with a primary focus on small businesses and individuals in the areas of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Career Coaching.

Tracy is driven by a desire to support others in their objective to fulfill professional dreams. Tracy is guided by "the platinum rule" - treat others as they wish to be treated. What works for some may not for others. Whether it's an individual or an organization, Tracy is an expert at developing a deep understanding of what the current situation is and what it will take to move things in the desired direction. Tracy gets to know her clients with an initial face-to-face interview to fully develop a unique approach to business issues and professional needs. Tracy's passion for learning and her savvy ability to match people with what's needed, be that other people, places or things, is what fuels her devotion to helping her clients succeed.

Tracy is a graduate of Alverno College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. Recently Tracy returned to the classroom to and completed a Graduate Certificate in Rhetorical Leadership, a program that is part of the Communication Department at UW-Milwaukee.